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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Winter-Spring is here!

Yesterday I found that the outside of the house was as almost as cool as the inside. Hurray!! Winter is here.

I never know what to call this season. To me, this is spring. Of new beginnings. A season when you start planting and start spending more time outdoors. Not Winter which traditionally is a season of shutting down and staying indoors.

We are fortunate Eid and so the Eid holidays are happening at this time of the year – we spend 3 glorious days driving in and around the Wadis near Muscat – could not have done it any other time of the year.

I look forward to seeing the round-abouts / traffic circles come alive with colourful petunias. In India all I had seen were the traditional mauve, purple and white varieties that have a spicy scent. What you see here are flowers in reds, magentas, orange, yellow….. but they do not seem to have a fragrance.


Blogger dom said...

It's the reverse for us here in Britain, everything goes colder and colder , the leaves turn orangey brown and fall ... I too love Autumn :)
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4:25 PM, November 14, 2005  

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