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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Them and us

Two comments prompt this post.

The first. Chulupu’s comment to a post of mine on the trend of Indian maids converting to Christianity.

He says ‘I don’t know if you all know this. According to Islam religion, we are not allowed to eat food made out of the Hands of Non Muslim and No(n) Christian. As a result many maids pose to be Muslims or Christians.’’

The second, a comment by my neighbour who is looking for a maid. I recommended Khadija. The neighbour waffled around a bit and finally blurted out - ‘We do a lot of pooja (worship) at home and we would ideally prefer a Hindu to be around our articles of worship but a Christian will do’.

The sentiments underlying both the comments are similar, but each comment is from across the fence as it were!


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