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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Bengalooru? Big Deal

Once upon a time, long ago, circa 1300 AD, a hungry and tired prince knocked on the door of a humble hamlet in some god forsaken place. He asked for some food and the old lady gave him all she had – some boiled beans.

And then the prince went his way and in due course became king. But he always referred to the place where he had stopped for a meal as the town of the boiled beans – benda-kaalu-ooru. And so the name stuck.

In due course of time Benda-kaalu-ooru became Bengalooru. And with more passage of time and with foreigners coming into the land, Bengalooru became Bangalore.

This year, accepting the recommendation of purists, Chief Minister Dharam Singh has decreed that Bangalore shall no more be Bangalore but Bengalooru henceforth.

Big deal.

>Click here for more versions on how Bangalore got its name.

And lets all pray for Bengalooru – with politicians engaged in such meaningless acts of populism, only God can help solve Bangalore’s infrastructure woes.


Blogger Rhyncus said...

Yeah and it's funny they are going for a namechange now that Bangalore has made it into the dictionaries, albeit in a notorious sense.

3:27 AM, December 17, 2005  

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