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Saturday, December 31, 2005

ET’s 15 questions

In the 28th December supplement of Brand Equity, Economic Times has asked 15 questions about things that interest and excite consumers. These questions are asked to a mix of marketing and advertising professionals. And I am shocked how clueless some of them are!

Last time ET ran a similar questionnaire, people did not fare much better either.

Most were unaware of new trends that almost border on mania (I-pod, podcasting, bey-blades), innovative and popular offers (McDonalds Happy Price Menu offer for just INR 20), or even knowing which management guru died recently (Peter Drucker).

If I were the head of marketing, this would worry me. For instance, Piyush Pandey, considered to be the finest creative brain in Indian advertising industry answered only 6 questions correctly. The questions he answered right were mostly about his industry (the new corporate colours of the telecom brand Hutch, recognizing a tagline…).

If advertising professionals do not have a feel for the pulse of the market how can they be relied upon to deliver advertising that works ? Or how can marketing professionals come up with strategies or new products that strikes a chord with the audience?


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