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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

M K Yusuf, Sam Walton of Muscat?

The Khimji Mart in Madinat Qaboos (Hay Al Rahba, Muscati!) is doing very well.

Particularly the vegetable section which every body says is– ‘as cheap as Lulu’.

The Lulu Hypermarket, about 2 years old in Muscat, has then become a benchmark for retail players.

Time was when the only (good) vegetable selection for people in and around Madinat Qaboos and Al Khuwair was Khalijana. The vegetables were (and are) very good but prices high.

Many actually preferred the Wadi Kabeer vegetable market since prices there are supposedly very low compared to Khalijana. Even so, Khalijana used to be full of people.

Lulu changed all that. Now Khalijana is often empty and what is more prices have fallen. Avowed Wadi Kabeer goers have transferred loyalties to Lulu.

With all its faults, Lulu has offered people a good alternative. Shopping in pleasant environs at low prices and within city limits. And it has forced other stores to drop prices and up service. Way to go, Sam Walton would have approved!


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