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Tuesday, June 07, 2005


Pizza Hut is disappointed with Indians.

The Economic Times reports that after conducting a study, Pizza Hut finds "... Indian consumers are not very mature.''

Why? Because ''Out of 90 meals in a month, pizza hardly occupies a place." Funny logic. Just because the Indian does not eat sufficient pizza, they are labeled as 'not mature'.

Pizza Hut probably finds Indians troublesome too.

The study revealed that freshness of food was very important to Indians, many of whom who saw the previous day's food as stale and discarded it.

This has forced Pizza Hut to launch a new product range called 'Freshizza' in an effort to get people to think of Pizza Hut's offering as fresh.

Other than lettuce, capsicum, tomato and onion, nothing that the fast food chains in the Middle East serve is fresh. Most of the buns for the burgers are made in Saudi Arabia and shipped out to the GCC region. Ditto with pizza bases and the meat patties. They are made elsewhere, frozen and shipped out. All this is in the name of, quality (same standards everywhere), cost and convenience. Subway, I think, sends frozen dough from America. The outlets just thaw and heat and serve.

And nobody seems to have a problem with that. Which suits Pizza Hut just fine!


Anonymous jq said...

Maybe they means "the Indian market for pizza has not yet matured" in that they really don't want that much pizza right now.

Probably a stretch

2:48 PM, July 05, 2005  

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