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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Thank you Al Fair (Sasi)

Today was the last day of play school for my son. With this, I think the ‘baby phase’ of my son’s life is truly over and I must start thinking of the brat as a small boy.


There was a party at his school – Al Shumus and we were asked to provide for some 20 odd pieces of cake.


I took the easy way out and picked the chocolate cake in Al Fair. Fresh from reading ‘The Aladdin Factor’  (by the Chicken Soup people), I asked the ever smiling baker at Al Fair’s Sarooj outlet if he could, instead of the usual icing pattern, draw a smiley on each of the cakes. To my delight he agreed, took my name and phone number down and I was to collect the cakes the next day.


The husband collected the cakes yesterday and there they were some 20 odd pieces with a cheerful face on every single one of them!


My son was charmed to see the cakes and I hope it made some 20 other toddlers happy too.


This is just to say thank you to Sasi for having gone the extra mile to make a farewell party just a little nicer for a group of kids. May his tribe increase!


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