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Monday, June 06, 2005


By most standards we took forever to reach Dubai.

A friend does it in less than three and half hours. (Dubai is approximately 450 kms away from Muscat.)

The husband drove for most part at a steady 150 kms. I am slower, happiest at 120 with bursts of 130 kms.

At those speeds we were overtaken by an assortment of vehicles. Obviously.

Sure enough the SUVs whizzed past. So did the larger cars. But what surprised me was the way the compacts zoomed ahead. A beat up Civic, a Daewoo Matiz (no kidding), Toyota Echos'.. all whooshed past. These cars must have been going at 160 kms at the very least since we were going at 150 kms and these cars soon disappeared from sight.

A 160 kms in a Matiz? It mustn't be very comfortable. That apart, is it wise?

But my favorite was the lady at the wheel of a Beetle. She overtook everybody, small and big, and consistently drove at speeds of above 160 kms. We first saw her near Sohar and then followed her right up to Muscat when we lost her. More power to her and yes.... safe driving.

What speeds are you happiest with? As for me, at the smaller roads its never more than 80 and on the arterial Sultan Qaboos Highway max 120 kms.


Anonymous Sugumar said...

I have a Yamaha YBX 125cc bike. I maximum go at 80 kmph. With my 20 year old Maruthi 800 car I had crossed a little over 100 kmph few times in NH highways. But when I was in Atlanta, USA once I crossed 90 Miles per hour which is 144 kmph. And I was caught for speeding once in USA and excused by the police :) I like speeding but never risk anyones safety for that sake.

1:54 AM, June 07, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well Back in India, even if we have the machines the roads are hard to find.

Have consistently driven at 125 - 130 on my Tata Indica. Also done the same on a Toyota Qualis. On my bullet have touched 110 Kms/hr. Have been on the Skoda Octavia & Ford Ikon when it was driven by my cousin, haven't yet had the oppurtunity with bigger cars + long trips + good roads.

- Arunan

3:26 AM, June 10, 2005  
Anonymous zubair said...

Hi.. I usually dont drive fast unnecessarily and risk life.. mine as well others, but when I was in the UAE, I sometimes drove at 120-165 on the Dubai- Abu Dhabi freeways.. now back in India am able to touch 80 on rare occassions.. but am happy with the 20-40 kmph trips.. at least theres no risk of not reaching home in 1 piece!

5:31 AM, November 19, 2006  

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