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Friday, July 28, 2006

Who dug the well?

Last week we did not watch TV and so missed what the media described as the story that grabbed the eyeballs of an entire nation – the story of 6 year old Prince in India who fell into a hole about 60 feet deep and 9 inches wide.

The ’hole’ was an attempt to dig a well. When no water was found, the hole was carelessly covered with 2 sand bags and left unattended.

Happily it’s a story that ended well. Despite having spent a grueling 50 hours in the hole, the child was rescued.

Apparently the TV channels went overboard and sensationalized the story. Sensing opportunity for free publicity corporate houses and politicians outdid themselves in promising support for the child.

But what really gets to me is that no body is talking about the people that left the hole unattended.

Should there not be criminal charges of neglect passed against them?

Instead of promising money to little Prince or mouthing the mandatory platitudes, the government would be much better off creating legislation making such irresponsible behavior punishable.


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